You must register at MOELC to confirm your acceptance of the offer to study a 3rd language, to find out the class assigned to you and to buy textbooks and supplementary materials. You will also be provided with information about the MOELC, the campus layout, the MOELC portal and other administrative details.

Yes. The person who is registering on your behalf must bring along your Student Pass or Birth Certificate.

Lessons are conducted once a week during school term. During registration, students will be given the details and commencement date of their lessons and other related information.

Students from government/ government-aided/ independent schools do not need to pay fees to attend lessons at the MOELC.

Malay (Special Programme)/ Arabic/ Bahasa Indonesia/ French/ German/ Japanese/ Spanish are full curriculum subjects comparable to any other subject in school. Students at the MOELC are prepared for the GCE 'O' Level Examination at the end of 4 years. The pre-university course is a further 2-year course leading to the GCE 'A' (H1 and H2) Level Examination.